Friday, August 16, 2013


The breast and back plate is actually a size "small", so the spauldlers look a bit big in this display. 

Not too bad.  I think in future, I shall send the pivot rivets (the rivets on the lames are sliders as well as pivot rivets) out in the open instead of hiding them away under the aillettes.  We had some clearance issues...nothing a side grinder could not fix, but in fact, the lame rivets in the original are about an inch closer to the centre.

Actually, the above shot from the back is a really pretty picture.  Remember, this entire armour is "from the wheel", and has never been sanded or ground. 

The above pic shows that high top lame.  I think in the future, I will round those corners off.  Its hard to imagine swinging an arm back enough for that corner to crank into the neck, but well, it "might" happen.  Always I agonize over every little detail.  This is just another.  

I think I like the flares a LOT better than outside rolls.  Its an economic thing actually...outside rolls cost about 4 dollars an inch.  Flares are just about a buck an inch, if that.

So much more space on the back than on the front!  I suppose I should put more eyelets....say a row of them so the customer can pick and choose as it suits him.  

The articulation is good.  You can put your arm pretty much right over your head.

Just a quick note on the articulation of the lames....the lame rivets are fixed down the back, and they each have a quarter inch of slide on the inside, half an inch on the top lame.  This means the inside of the lames can be collapsed a good inch.   This gives room for the arm to bend without biting the bottom lame.
        Completer pieces for this armour would be either a rotating barrel joint, or a leather (or metal) circle which would enclose the upper arm, and keep the lames from flipping up.  You can see the holes in the bottom lame below to mount whatever the customer wants.  Economic considerations apply.
         So what do people think of the stuff coming out of my shop THIS summer? 

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