Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Malta Armour

Back in May, when I was visiting Malta, I presented the curator, Mr. Michael S. of the Palace Armoury one of my armours. You can see the creation of that armour in the archives of this blog. (That would be December 2006)
After seeing the originals again, I was almost tempted to trash the thing...compared to the originals, this one was really rubbish. So many details I got wrong! Oh well, the next one will be better.
On the positive side of the coin, it is well made, solid, functional, and looks pretty good from a distance. It was made from measured drawings and will serve to dress visiting kids just fine! (rather than using real antiques). It is always nice to go to a museum and actually TOUCH the items, and I hope that the experience of touching a real armour will actually thrill a young Maltese and inspire him (or her!) to pick up a hammer and create copies of their living past.
The bottom picture was overexposed, sorry, but it shows the nice backdrop of armours. The top picture came out pretty nice and crisp, shows the quite genuine grins of the participants.
Please click on them to enlarge.

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