Monday, December 24, 2007

Chain Mail Making

One of the advertised activies that we do as part of the Rec Centre programme is to actually MAKE armour. After all, we ARE the South Tower ARMOURING Guild, after all. However, the understandable difficulty in bringing in an anvil, a set of hammers and a few drill presses mean that our armouring consists of chain mail making. (I would like to add leatherwork to the next class actually, as well as knitting the chain mail.) Its not so robust a session as swinging swords, but its still a lot of fun. Look at the pile of pliers in the middle of the table! These all belong to Shayne (the big guy on the right) and he pretty much ram rods the chain mail portion of the class.

A good illustration of the balance between males and females in my class. "Girls just wanna kick butt......." Grin!

Darn, now that my hair is thinning, you can see all the scars on my noggin!

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Sweeti said...

I'd love to know how o do that, Do you teach this class on chain mail? I hope that not a stupid question, I just learned not to assume things anymore.
The Mr. has been back at the forge this season and didn't make one gift out there. He making knives for the knife show now that comes up in the first quarter of the year, also some contracted ones. I'll show some pictures when he's done. They are coming along beautifully. They are in a gordians knot pattern.

Bill we wish you a very merry Christmas and hope you get your share of that mulled wine and Christmas Hugs. Sweeti.

STAG said...

Shayne is more patient than I am, and makes a better chain mail teacher.

I would like sometime to see a knife made from chain mail....a chain mail damascus. I saw one made from a Harley Primary Chain, and to be honest, it didnt turn out very good...I imagine from reading "Blade Magazine" that chain damascus needs a severely reducing atmosphere, which has got to be really hazardous.
Well, be that as it may, Merry Christmas, and may God Bless.