Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tom Bourland's Armour

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This is a really good example of the South Tower "Two Piece" design of armour. Its not a standard two piece suit since of course, the back is three piece and the fauld is three piece.
This was Tom's second armour.... It is a two piece chest, three piece back plate with sliding rivets on the front and the faulds.
It is very rough and ready...sort of like he is....
I used commecial tool belts for over the shoulders. He is a big fellow, those tool belts look like skinny little one inchers in this hand shows the scale. You realize after a bit that this is a honkin' big back plate.

I am really liking the English Wheel...there is zero sanding or shaping at this point. This is the finish right from the hammer.

The faulds are a little different...I wanted this armour to look a little different, to have some details to relieve the large planes, so I scalloped the top of each fauld lame.

I don't know that I really like the leather attachment straps on the is a bit of a departure from the usual laces. But hey...such straps were used a lot in real life. I didn't think that the tasset buckles were appropriate for the violence Mr. Bourland is planning to put is armour through. But straps like this are okay.

Note the rounded bottoms to the tassets. I don't normally roll the edges right around on tasseets. Period tassets seem to come in two or three flavors, and I prefer this one.

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