Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ron B. helm

Nice simple Viking helm. I used old steel, which looks IMHO kind of antique-ish. I like the effect. The template is a standard one I have used for years, and normally the occulars project outward more than this. Without the fancy shaping then, the corners stick up like horns. A horned Viking helmet at last? Nah...thats just the way it turned out. Its got me thinking though of making the sides into wings maybe. Why not...I have deviated from "period" plenty already.

I fire coloured the skull....it came out this nice deep rich blue colour. In the sunlight, it is VERY striking.

Not much to see here on the inside, except of course for the welding. This was made by cutting the bowl in half, and welding each half together. One thing is sure, this is a very strong helm. You can see the thickness of the steel really well in this picture.

Once upon a time, the top had a bead of weld on it just like the underside. A lot of judicious use with the side grinder, and it all ends up coming up smooth. In fact, you have to turn it over to see that it has been welded. And no, this is NOT my welding...this was a professional up the road that welded that. I just grind the weld nice and clean and flat, and look for voids.

And a nice shot of this armour from the top quarter.

I am not quite sure yet how to finish this armour. It is a real helmet...that is, it is strong enough to soak up a hit from a baseball bat without denting, but it might yet need some flaring at the base of his neck, and maybe some chain maile hanging from the occular (spectacle looking mask) Hanging chain mail will mean lots and lots of little evenly spaced holes in the occular, so I made it nice and wide on purpose.

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