Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sgt P.s Armour

click on the images to enlarge. This is Sgt. P.'s armour...its a little skinny for me, but I think I am bulkier than he is. These go over a breast and backplate, and may need to be squashed or tugged into position a bit when he finally gets to wear it and see how it fits. Should not need too much modification however.
In this picture you can see how it articulates.

Above is a good view of the shoulder. I rather like the look. Obviously, some more work has to be done on the basic shapes, but this is functional, will work well and doesn't look too bad. Since this picture has been taken, the points on the lower spaulders have been truncated to match the back. I just rushed to get this picture taken while there was still some light.

Upon reflection, the bottom lame, the one at the elbow, might be a bit long. Though of course, its primary purpose is to hold the elbow cop. On the other hand, it is easier to shorten the leather holding the lames than it is to lengthen them. I will have to see how they fit him when he has them on before drilling out the leather rivets for a final fitting. But that fitting job is part of the contract, and will needs to be done.
This is the back wing. You can see the roll around the top edge where it goes up against the neck, but I gave up on that big outside roll down towards the arm and did a nice flare instead.

Lots of work with the english wheel, lots of hammering, and some funny leathering allow this armour to articulate well, fan together in front when he makes a strike, and all in all, work as a functional spaulder.

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