Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Knee cops

These are a little more elaborate knees...they are "three up and four down" archer's knees. Lots of articulation. One quickly gets fed up with these lames. They are all alike...and my mind wanders from sheer boredom as I cut, sand, finish, and grind fourteen lames. If I were to get any single piece made professionally by a water jet cutter or some such factory device, it would be these lames.

On the other hand, they are really good for using up odd bits of scrap metal which would be heading to the recycling bin other wise.
We are looking right here at about, oh....three hours per side to this point. Maybe a bit more when you figure I have to root out the pieces from the scrap pile and clean off any rust. The finish here is a hundred grit finish, with lacquer on it, rolled on a two inch diameter ball.
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