Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer of battle

What a birthday party!  I decided to fight all day...in fact, I fought fifty four fights...one for every year I have been on earth.  There are pictures of me on line I hear...there is one of me fighting Mark, where he disarmed me, and I brought my gauntleted fist into the side of his head.  Apparently I look like all kinds of mean and nasty!  Ah well.  Nice to have friends!  And friends that let you win.  (I'll try to find the pictures and post some of them here sometime this week.)

It was more like a marathon than otherwise.  But I did it, with only one cracked finger.  Its the baby finger anyway, I can still swing a hammer, but hitting the "enter" key on the computer is special level of distraction.

In fact, it has been a heck of month!

 The month opened with the Upper Canada Village Medieval Festival.  Thats me to the right, with Brenda failing to hide in behind.  Check out the coat of arms in front!

Then we had the Osgood Medieval Festival to contend with.  Thats Jeff, lying dead on the stage.

A.J. looking really good in her heat blue'd armour.  She is right to be proud of it...and yes, she can see through that chain mail just fine!

This was the graduating class from Algonquin College.  They had me teach a week long seminar on "Basics of building armour".  As you can see from the armours all built by the students, (admitedly not completely finished, but thats only a matter of time) I was very ambitious. I didn't do ANY chain mail at all!
 And the scheduled chain mail course was cancelled due to lack of interest.  Pity.....

We DID get a course graduated this week from Plante Baths Ottawa Recreation Centre.  What a nice collection of soldiers.

And of course we graduated a class from Algonquin College.  Again, a fine collection of soldiers..
This week is all about preparing and cleaning armour to take to the Science Fiction Expo in Toronto.  And assembling a scale tunic.   And cleaning spinnings to ready them for helmet making. 
          Most definitely looking forward to September when AJ and Mark will be back working in the shop.

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