Monday, October 31, 2011

CBC Interview

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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Radio 1) did an interview with me on Saturday Morning. It aired Monday morning at way too early. But it can be heard on the CBC archive.

This was the chat leading up to it.

William Fedun 10/31/2011 8:02 am >>>
I listened to that interview Stu, and thought it was just fine. Very professional.
Thank you.

Bill Fedun
Armour Maker

I thought it turned out pretty well, too. Your workshop produced lots of great sound, and I think you came across as a thoughtful guy living a very interesting life!
By the end of today, you'll see your smilin' face at, in my "12 Days of Pumpkin" feature.
— I told [a mutual friend and fellow reporter] and his producer about your big massacre this weekend, so you may see him down there,
Thanks again!

Stu Mills
Radio News & Current Affairs
CBC Radio Ottawa
(613) 288-6213
Twitter: StuMillsCBC

This was MADE for radio!!!!

This is the link to the archive footage with the interview.

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