Sunday, May 27, 2012

advertising copy

I have a chance to advertise in some fairly high profile places...and I needed some advertising copy.  Well, I suppose there could be worse ways to spend a Sunday evening after five hours of standing and teaching class.  

I have played with some of my pictures and tried to get some advertising copy built up.  What do you think of these ones?    Too busy?  Too cutsey?   Too weird? Missing the point?   Or perhaps something different.  

What do you think is the best one?  Which one should I trash?
(Oh, and is my French  okay?  Its been awhile....I am thinking "armours" is spelled "les armeures...but I'm not sure.)

ip-location map zoom


Kit and Kaboodle said...

No idea about the French bit, but I like the first and last pictures best of all. The first photo is probably my favourite of the two. Both are clear and to the point whereas I think the two armour clad figures are a little distracting - too much blur over too wide a space in the foreground, if that makes sense? I found myself trying to figure out the picture rather than look at the message you're trying to convey. Not sure if that helps any, such stuff is always subjective, after all!

Ars.Gladius said...

A)Second best, but text is lost a bit. Maybe a heavier weight font and/or a larger size. Consider right justification and moving it down a bit.

B)Excellent layout, best of the the lot. I would move the type down a bit so you can get the STAG in black (parts are washed out with the white color). Drop the "HTTP://" from the web address, it is redundant in modern browsers, and will allow you to have your website address larger.

C)Sorry Bill, but the quote is a bit cheesy in this context. .

D)Nope. However the tag line is great. Better then the battle songs, it injects a bit a humor and "fits" your company more.

E) Text is impossible to read. No good in it's current state.

Jay Vee said...

Sounds like a splendid opportunity Bill! I like the image from a) with the text from b). What first struck me was the clear focus of the helm allowing us to see the work marks and battle scars. Very cool. Try experimenting with an image of your own helm, showing a battle tested armour and an image of a newly minted one.

My own experience (french school boards) with french language use in business dictates you get it professionally translated if you want to hit the french target group in good faith.

Use your own motto if you really want to state something in your ad...grin..."If it was easy, anybody could do it."


Niniel said...

Armure. That's the French word. Armures for the plural.

STAG said...

And its "cotte de Maille".