Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Traveling in the Deviant Art universe

J.... asked me if I could make her a nice sexy armour.    She linked me to a Deviant Art site which illustrated what she had in mind...and on the way, I visited several other sites.
     The mind boggles at how many ways there are to enclose the female form in steel.
    Well, the least I can do is to send my readers out to check out some of these links.  So please, spend a half hour surfing and let me know what you think!
     Please note that I have intentionally kept these AS links, rather than thumbnails.  As anyone who knows me well is aware, I am very fussy about copyright.  Links ain't copyright...grin!

     But I would be honoured to make ANY of these designs in my shop!

In Leather...     http://norn-fans.deviantart.com/gallery/25041437#/d4y52fg

One of me....   http://norn-fans.deviantart.com/gallery/25041437#/d4lakir

I like all the jewelry here...  http://norn-fans.deviantart.com/gallery/25041437#/d419rs1

moulded plastic?  ...    http://norn-fans.deviantart.com/gallery/?set=25041437&offset=24#/d4qmvon

I could SO see a lady in this....   http://norn-fans.deviantart.com/gallery/?set=25041437&offset=24#/d4qp4uo

I like the way the chain comes down in the back of this...  

This one shows an innovative way to use a little cloth modesty top.  But its not very viking...

More along my usual line...   http://norn-fans.deviantart.com/gallery/?set=25041437&offset=120#/d3dwkkd

And just for fun....   http://norn-fans.deviantart.com/gallery/?set=25041437&offset=144#/d3g9je2


Kit and Kaboodle said...

Welcome to the darkside, oh bearded one. I've had two accounts on dA for a number of years now and always find it a source of inspiration. Only trouble is, you can waste hours and hours there kangaroo-ing from one link to another!

Not sure if you know or are interested, but there's a big Artisan community there, where I'm sure your work would be well appreciated :-)

STAG said...

Can I make you any of those tops?


Kit and Kaboodle said...

Only if you're prepared to bankrupt yourself - I'm twice the woman I used to be, y'know!

stag said...

More to love.....

Jay Vee said...

i'll have to poke your eye out so that you match the dwarf painting!