Monday, January 14, 2013

Freidrich Kurfurst von der Pfalz 1450

 A complete armour (harnishe) built for a Burgundian in 1450.  It has that peculiar Burgundian style of helm, but Freidrich was not going to do everything in the Burgundian style...lots of good solid German stuff going on here as well. 

Details like the pointed elbow cop, the rondel, are very German, whereas the plain shoulder is so reminicient of Belgium or for that matter, Burgundy.  

The very plain tassets are almost an afterthought, though you notice the slightly smaller back tassets are hung along side the front ones.  Very Burgundian French in their execution.  (The Burgundians never considered themselves to be either French, Belgian or German during this time, an opinion which was not shared by those fine countries at one time or another)   All in all, a very straightforward armour.

This closeup of the helmet just makes me cringe...somebody had to wear that!  

Oh well.  The long toes were the style at the time.  I always wondered if they tied the tips of their toes up to their knees with string!  Anyway, the whole story is down there...for anybody to do the translation.  

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