Monday, December 11, 2006

Nearly finished Breastplate

The pieces which go under the arms were fairly easy....just slip some cardboard under the cut outs to make the templates, and don't forget to provide the proper roll allowance. The rolling was a little different in that I did the final bump out a good 2 centimeters from the edge...just like in the original. I don't know that I am really all that happy with the roping, perhaps the diagonal bits should have been made a little closer together. Next time...grin! The roping on the neck part is fine though, and just like in the original, the rope comes up really high, forming a ridge which will catch swords, lances, and whatever comes toward the neck. I don't know how the side pieces stay properly in position, but some people have told me that there should be leather on the back to help it spring back out like in the picture. I am also thinking that I could have made the sliding slots a little farther in so that you couldn't see them when they are deployed.
All that is left is to make the fauld pieces. Maybe next month...when I get them done, I'll edit this post to show off the totally finished product.

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