Sunday, September 2, 2007

Barrel Helm

Nice little barrel helm. The eyeslots don't get used nearly as much as the row of holes just below them. The chin strap is laced onto the helm with those little red laces, so that if for some reason, the client gets hurt, they won't have to tilt his head back to undo the chin strap. Just a quick slice at the exposed laces and off it comes. I put eyelets in to keep the laces from cutting themselves! Not that I think that getting hurt is very likely in normal combat, after all, it is 14 gauge throughout!, but you know, in case he tries to head butt a bull or maybe a train.
If for some reason, his marshals don't like the chin strap being laced on, it could always be riveted into place. Standard 3/16 rivets would work just fine...there are 44 rivets in this helm...about three quarters of a pound just in fasteners alone.
Oh, and check out my new helmet stand! It has an eagle on it! Kuul!

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