Saturday, September 8, 2007

Shoe Template

A few years ago, I got interested in Roman stuff, and they had found a set of Roman Combat boots (with the Roman still in them!) at the Coppergate Dig in the City of York in England. The ground was wet, and the leather stayed intact, so I could get a real idea of the pattern. Other finds have occured since, of course, notably the find which the fellow in the picture below made, but I figured I would share the original template I came up with way back when!
This is the Roman Caligae design from
He really has the right idea, and I urge you to visit his site, and see how he made those really cooo hobnailed boots!
But these are mine. On paper. Laid out about 15 years ago, and still used from time to time. Note that it is in four pieces. I cut them into four pieces just so that I could scan each piece. Just never got around to taping the pattern back together, thats all!

Click on the pictures to enlarge.
Anybody who wants to download these patterns are welcome to do so. Let me know how they turn out okay?

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