Friday, November 9, 2007

The Belgian War Museum

You may remember seeing this archway before...on the other side of it is the headquarters of the European Union. To the right is the war of the largest in the world. To the left is the automobile museum. Never got to that, but again, I understand it is one of the largest in the world.
One of the British tanks salvaged from the battlefields of the Somme, or maybe Passcendaele. Not very big...I am not posing in the picture to show off my pretty face, but rather to show how small the machine actually was.

Everywhere you look you see swords, guns, spears and whatnot in decorative arrangements.

This is one of the finest collections of Kozak sabres. Gives me a chill to imagine my ancestors useing these things for real.

The first world war saw Canadians in kilts. Of course, so did the second world war, though trousers replaced the kilts except on parade.

The "Irish" kilt is a little unusual. Nice collection of helmets though. And the Fraser tartan was kind of nice to see.

More swords. And an armour.

More swords.
A random series of swords and armour dating from Waterloo.

I expected this museum to be glorifying war, but was a bit surprised to find it to be rather static, and if the subject matter were not so amazingly interesting, perhaps a little boring in its presentation. You are sort of expected to know the history BEFORE you go there, because you won't learn it from this. However, if you are prepared, you will get a LOT from this collection.

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