Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mr. Merz' armour, part II

Below is the picture that Mr. Merz sent me...the inspiration for the armour. It is one of the lovely paintings from the Osprey book series....(darn, I can't read the artist's name). This series of books is actually pretty good relies a lot on existing statuary, armours, church brasses, and such to help bring the period under discussion alive. They employ top of the line graphic artists (one of their most prolific artists was (name deleted) of Oh Wicked Wanda fame from the seventies.)
Of course, the result is still one man's interpretation, but in the world of re-enactment, this interpretation is pretty much accepted.
Mr. Merz told me that the armour on the far left is the one he wanted, but in a two piece design. How do you think I did so far?

I didnt bother lacing up the armour for the pictures, and I see that I have to get the scissors out to do a little trim on the leather straps in front.

The armour has been sanded with 100 grit paper, and a lacquer finish has been applied. Any scratches will appear in the lacquer...a moment with a rag (wet with lacquer thinner...thats nail polish remover) will melt the laq, and blend out the scratches. A superior which can be easily fixed.

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