Saturday, September 27, 2008

New knives for 2008-2009

We just bought a whole new batch of costume daggers, suitable for medieval feast cutlery. They are "in stock" and "in the showroom". You can forget about buying one from my showroom or sales booth if you are under 18 though.

These are not knives I have made....they are actually all made in (of all places) Pakistan, however they are inexpensive, pretty, reasonably useful, and all under twenty bucks. How can I beat that?

Integral slab handled dagger, the blade is all one piece, the handle is made from coloured, resin impregnated compressed laminated pine. After the hydraulic machine is finished, the pine is half the thickness, and as hard as maple.
The result is not such a bad material. The blade...well, what do you expect for fifteen bucks...its stainless steel. That means that when you use it, it will "stain less" than most steel. Best you can expect though. Good enough for opening boxes, and worrying that last sliver of chicken off the carcass.

The very slim line "red" handled dagger. These days, the colour seems to less dark red and more doubt the reaction of the dye to the wood. I still call them "red handled daggers". Tooled leather scabbard. Just under 8 inches long. Made for a small hand. It has a "bigger brother" though. The handle is made on a lathe, and it has one of the dreaded "rat tail" tangs. For some reason, the rat tail tangs are not so bad when used on knives...I have never had one fail, even when I was using a set of them for throwing one summer. A rat tail tang is actually period...I guess they are bad news with a sword, but not so bad for a knife.

The mountain man dagger. No kidding...thats the name they gave it! This remarkably slick little piece is a little industrial seven inches long, it is made from that compressed pine wood and gleaming brass.

A solid little knife...lots of decoration. like all these knives, they are dishwasher safe.

So this is whats new in the showroom. Cute little knives. Go figure!

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