Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Charles A's faulds and tassets

These are the three piece faulds with their tassets...spread out as they would normally be worn. They hinge up on the sides to allow Charlie to sit down, and the tassets are removeable in the event he wants to change the look of the armour by bringing in different ones. Traditionally the tasset straps and side straps were left uncoloured. Charles would find it easy enough to dye these straps in situ if he chose, but it is not necessary.
The rest of the armour is coated in a layer of lacquer. Not the strongest method to prevent rust, but certainly the easiest to repair...after all, ANY varnish, no matter how tough will get scratched, but the lacquer repairs with one simple swipe of a lacquer thinner soaked rag. It melts it, and the lacquer reforms, and dries in less than a minute. Gotta like that.
Now for the breast plate, most of which is done as can be seen in a previous post. Just a few straps to be mounted on the front, a few inside, and I believe Charles wants a sliding post in front rather than a centre strap. (I imagine if he wants a strap instead of a post, he will let me know in the comments. ) And of course, the side straps, which are one inch straps. The buckles are already mounted on the back plate. This job should be done today. Ready to be shipped day after tomorrow.

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