Thursday, December 11, 2008

John P's Armour

The two piece breastplate
two piece backplate

The faulds with rounded tassets laced on.
same faulds from the front.
single piece elbow cops. Nice wide flanges. Lace holes all lined with eyelets.

The shoulder pieces. sixteen gauge. Should stand up to a fair amount of abuse.
The gorget....still have to line it and provide a belt to hold it closed.
vambraces....note the eyelet holes at the top.
closeup of the half gauntlet

I like to make them sturdy. They are sixteen gauge steel, with 11 rivets holding the cuff into place. Note the overlap at the inside of the wrist....there is no rivet is held in place purely by spring action. This will allow John to slide his hand into the half gauntlet without cracking a bone in the process. There is no need for a rivet to hold the two sides together.
They are meant to have a glove inside. And since the cuff goes on the outside of a vambrace, there is no need for a rolled edge.
and this is how they work. These particular ones are a size small...actually a bit smaller than my hands. If they are too small, John can send them back in exchange for a larger pair.

The leg harness. Showing all the signs of a rush job. You can see some scars on the knee cops from the tuck pointer. Rather than sand the scars out, which might thin the metal, I elected to leave them tough and a full sixteen gauge. Pretty is nice, but tough will protect your knees. Note the inner "wing" which is required by the SCA. Not period at all, but again, it will protect your knees.

There you go John....a very basic but perfectly serviceable armour for you.

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