Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Susanna's Armour reprised

click on these images to enlarge. Above is a rather dark picture of the four lame faulds. Because Susanna has a very high waist, I made four lames in this fauld, which required a 12 foot ball on the English wheel instead of the usual 10 foot ball. I think it looks good. If its STILL not long enough, I am sure she will tell me, and get me to add more lames!
Here is the faulds from the front. I think the green leather 3/4 inch buckles look really nice. The whole assembly is rucked up a bit, when they are held up, the tassets form a nice arch. I like the way the flutes look, and I especially like the look of the top of the faulds...that long sweep to a tiny centre notch is visually stunning. I got the design from one of the armours which participated in the battle of Wakefield. (research pics of that are in the archives here.) Its easy to do, and the result looks great. What I didn't do was any sort of roll or flare at the bottom. And they are not really all that short....they are wider than usual...in fact, they are wide enough to go right to the end of the faulds.

You remember (if you have been following along) that Susanna is working in a second language, and her measurements were a little off. She had given me too long a measurement in front, and too short a measurement in back. Not her fault, and when I questioned her on it, she re-did them. Unfortunately, the plaquart was about three fingers width too short. This plaquart was made originally her armour, but we had put it aside when we discovered it was too short, and had made the longer one. Which in turn turned out to be too short. So rather than fight to make a whole new armour, I just added that middle piece in, and went with the original shorter placquart. The problem was getting the fluting to all line up.

The other thing was the exposed picadills. Having the picadills exposed like this is new, but perfectly period. I really like them. And if Susanna decides she really does not like them, well, they can be easily cut off with a single edge razor blade.

Above is the breastplate....assembled and awaiting the installation of the front straps. All picadilled but not sanded. It needs a nice sanding, make it look better and less "wheeled". Now all I have to do is to find the buckles...I had put them down somewhere and now I can't find them. Oh well, they are around someplace!

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