Friday, February 27, 2009

Susanna's armour progress report

Clearly I have been busy making bayonettes, but now that they are done and out of the way, I can get back to Susanna's armour. As usual, click on the images to enlarge. Since the picture above was taken, we have had new information about how big she is ( this armour as shown is just ten centimeters too short...doggone it!) so I had to add a third section to the armour. The back is all done, but I somehow failed to get a picture of the finished product...this was just an intermediate stage to show work in progress. I think it looks great, in fact, much better than the short placquart in the above picture. I know, she wanted the two piece armour. Well, she will get the two piece in front well enough. Above are the tassetts. I had a notion to try out a new fluting technique. In fact, I heavily documented the technique and will post the "how to" instructions tomorrow. However, this is just to show Susanna where we are at with her armour. The buckles still need to be added.

The faulds, all ready to be riveted together. They have a 12 foot radius in their width...with four fauld lames I had to go with a much straighter compound curve. Since Susanna, like all women, has a very high waist, four lames will work. If I am wrong about that (I don't have even a photograph to work from after all, just her measurements) well, it is easier to take a lame out than to add one. Just in case though, I will have to make it removable so that if she does have to send it back for adjustment, she won't have to send back the whole armour. (I am very interested in seeing if this fits...its my best guess, and may still be too short.)

This is the breastplate. We filled it up a bit more and gave it just a "hint" of cleavage. Just enough that when the light is right (as in the above picture) you can see a bit of the girl under there. That being said, clearly this would fit a guy just fine and not look out of place.

And here is the plaquart. Susanna is an athlete, and therefore the flat belly and deeper chest will fit her better and look better on her than the admittedly more period peascod placquart. That flange at the bottom actually sits pretty vertical, the placquart angles outward.

Tomorrow, I will post the whole interesting story of how I made those tassetts. If for some reason, Susanna does not want them, thats okay....I will put them on MY armour. Right now, I have to go out and pick up a shipment of swords, and swing by the auction to see if there is a dining room table coming up. (and maybe get a picture of that cool that it is all finished and ready to go.)

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