Monday, August 31, 2009

Armour at the show

much of this armour on this post is made from copyright designs, so I must ask readers to treat all these pictures as copyright pics. You can see the inspiration of a lot of this armour at, and of course, on the preceeding posts.
Some of the armour I had for sale at the show. This bracer design is taken totally from "The Red Sea" . It is good for guys as well as gals. I made that steel coif years ago.

The delightful Janika posing in the armour. She made the bracers, I made the steel stuff, and the chain mail. Brenda made the chain mail necklace. The tell me it is vampire proof. Good thing. This is a bit of a mix of "The Red Sea" for the bottom because, well "The Leopard and the Serpent" top didn't really have one.

The armour garnered tremendous interest. How can you go wrong when gorgeous women ask to try on your armour. Must be doing "something" right. (Clyde Caldwell's art book makes a great prop, and is used by permission. Copyright Clyde Caldwell 2009)

Oh dear.

This is the only picture I think I have of this particular armour. It is based on "The Worm Has Turned" however there are a lot of flaws in it. Too long in the body, too much modeling in the breast cups. Ah well.. it IS a prototype after all. The best thing I can say about it is that the models tell me that it is very comfortable. Now SHE looks like a warrior! (and in fact, she is....Elaine has been fighting in armour for nearly as many years as I have!)

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