Friday, September 4, 2009

Joe's armour, finished.

above, side view, tasset is shifted to the bottom a bit. The top fauld lame does not have a point, it does however, have eyelets which match the eyeletted holes in the breastplate.
The points are bent upwards just a smidgeon, to reduce the scratching when the lames ride up. This picture is kind of neat because it shows the faulds spreading out to the side a bit, showing the finished arch in the middle. Normally of course, that arch does not show.

This is the back. Much the same as the front, but without the tassets.

I have made the faulds so that they form a nice rounded cover over the tush. That is to say, it comes in at the bottom a bit. Looks neater that way. This is a feature of the South Tower armour...the originals tended to flare out like a skirt.

Above you can see how the faulds look when they are hanging properly. The gap in the middle closes, and it looks nice. The tassets have the same upward crown as the tassets, and the bottoms are pointed...but not so much that they will stick into his leg.
The only things the client might want at this point is buckles holding the front and back faulds together.

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Sunny4man said...

Thanks for the encouragement,
Bill. Glad I could send a little insight your way. Beautiful handywork on the armour! So awesome to have the art intact. BTW, love your blog colors!:o) Sunny