Friday, September 18, 2009

Jochaim Myer's Dussak poem

Joachim Meyer's Dussack Poem

With this weapon reach wide and long,
Hang over forward after the blow
With your body step far to it,
Send your blows powerfully around and in,
To all four targets let it fly
With comportment, pulling, you can deceive him.
You shall parry in the forte
At the same time injure him with the foible.
Also you shall not come nearer
Than you can reach him with a step.
When he will almost run in at you
Drive him from you with your point,
But if he has run in on you,
With gripping, wrestling, you shall be the first,
Pay heed indeed to forte and foible,
Meanwhile, the openings he makes open,
Also step rightly in the Vor and Nach.
Note diligently the correct time
And do not be quick to be scared.

note....A dussak is a cutlass.

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