Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sonja, in her armour

This is Sonja. The armour is all done, and fitted to her now. There is a load of work left to do on this outfit of course....shoulder plates, vambraces, diadem, and so forth. The armour is being shown over her street clothes, she is expecting to wear a different (skimpier) top at the places where she would be wearing it. No, I don't know "where" those places are guys, you will just have to seek her out on your own.

The garter-scabbard thing matches her collar. I think it should be a bit higher on her leg. Perhaps when she has a different style skirt that will work.
In behind, the pieces come together with a lovely peak...tied all together with a corset style lace.

The fur is a nice touch....

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Anonymous said...

Cool work Bill, it looks good.