Monday, October 19, 2009


Above is a view of the bottom faulds. It covers a skirt...okay! So its supposed to be sort of spread out like that! Above, we are looking at the back, the chain forms a long tail down the back. Below is the same piece but from the front. Very complex job....lots of laborious "quilting".

This is the top. Like most of these tops, they are sectional, with laces in the back and sides to provide lots and lots of adjustment potential. The design is the client's. I think it ows a LOT to Clyde Caldwell. I just hammed the blessed thing into place. The cups are nice and large, and should provide plenty of modesty. I am not quite sure yet if I will separate the two sides and insert a small centre triangle. We'll see.
The above closeup is of the little vertical tab which I added to help the cups stay upright, and in place. This will provide both a suspension system and a cantilever support. Everything should stay put now.
Note the leather and sheepskin lining. There are two shoulder straps on each side. They will form a design feature in their own right.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it is coming along great Bill!

STAG said...

I am only the tailor. It is the lady who bears the burden of beauty.