Monday, December 14, 2009

Leeds armoury

As usual, Bill won't let a sword fight get past him. Here is Alex and Andy (Andy is the one holding the sword) Andy is a fight director at the museum. He was in Banff with the FDC a couple of years ago.

The museum is a mish mash of noise in my head right now...two solid days of study. However, I hope to create some essays in the future on the following items. Below is Mugal armour.
A lot of horse armour.
A knight (French) at the battle of Pavia.
guns guns and more guns.

Above is a nice collection of Pavises. Those are shields grounded in front of archers.
English Civil war armour....
The armour of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leichester
And the only surviving elephant armour in the world.

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