Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tower of London Exhibit

Northern Italian Armour. These would have been made in the same workshops as the Malta armour on my last post. You can see the distinctive features...the long breastplate, the short placquart and cingulette pieces, the fancy work around the pauldrons. The inside of the elbows that meet, and the rotating upper cannons.
This would be a closeup of the Northern Italian armour, showing a different sort of tasset. Note the single lame fauld, leading directly into six lame tassets. These tassets are squared off at the bottom.
And this would be how the guy would have looked as he walked up onto the wall walk. Clearly, he expected the wall to take care of everything below the waist.

Below is another of the same.
I like the tassets on this guy...the Maltese thirteen lame tassets. How cool are they? As usual, they all wore the Morion....a helmet which sucks against swords and quarter staves, but is sovereign against the arrow storm, and shrapnel.

The Tower of London exhibit has been moved to a purpose built building in Leeds, England. No small town this...there are more people living in Leeds than live in all of Malta. But I came for the armour, and found so much more. (I recommend the fish and chips....)

This n was the Northern Italian late period armour...I put it up here because I have simply fallen in love with this armour, and I want to make it. I think this armour is just about as refined as it gets.

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