Thursday, February 18, 2010

Half Armour, Antique.

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Bad picture of a close helmet. However what is "new and interesting" is the fairly fancy gorget part of this helmet. I believe that the gorget is separate and added later on this armour.

A closeup of the fauld attachment to the breastplate. Note the strap which fits under the "pot belly". This armour does not have keel, the owner would not have used it for defending against a lance. The "pot belly" is a reflection of the civilian peascod jacket which was in favor for so many years.

The gorget, and the fancy rolled top edge. (neck edge)

The left arm pauldron. I am betting he would have been carrying a shield on that arm.
The right arm and haute piece which protects the joint. Note the wrap around elbow cops.
This is the half armour from the front. Because of the date of this armour, all the German armourers were making armour which looked like Italian armour. This causes a certain amount of confusion when identifying origins "at a glance".
And from the side, the peascod look was all the rage at the time. I heart those gauntlets!! Very nearly the most perfect armour IMHO.

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