Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A virtual tour of Dover Castle

English Heritage has been very active in Dover Castle last few years. They went to Renaissance Faires, and found people who still do the old stuff, like sword making, tapestry weaving, wood turning, tanning, and all the stuff they used to do back in the day. This is encouraging since it means the crafts are not in any danger of dying out! The link above takes you on a virtual tour of the great tower built by William the Conqueror's grandson, and shows their best guess of how the royal apartments looked back then. I found that I got so tied up with the details that I had a hard time actually putting myself into the "room" until the ghostly voices spoke beside me. Not a boring tour guide voice, but the voices of the cook preparing dinner and ordering his villains around, the women complaining about standing for hours because the king was too excited to sit down, and when the king is standing, everybody else is standing too! These added an awesome dimention to the experience.

So spend a half hour or so, and take the virtual tour. It will be worth it!

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