Friday, March 12, 2010


These swords are in really bad shape. Above is the result of about a half hour on the buffer
And below is what they look like after most of a day being buffed down.

They have lots of scratches. In the below picture, you can see how bad they really are. They have not been kept in any sort of cloth bag or other protection, and in fact, the leather scabbards are even broken.
Below is a closeup showing the scratches which need to be buffed out. All without damaging the surface features!

Above you can see how long it has been since they have had any maintenance...the brass is showing crystals.
And above, the handle has been dropped so that the backstrap has been sprung outward.

The damage is fairly extensive. Below, making them look worse than they are, is the results of attempting to polish with brasso. Compare this picture to the one at the top of this post....same sword!

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