Monday, March 1, 2010

The Wurm is a Forgery

click on these images to enlarge. What you see is my forge work. The item on the top is a wadding hook, and the item on the bottom is a wurm. I forged those out myself tonight to be the answer to junk left down in the bottom of scabbards.
Its fairly crowded down there in the bottom of a scabbard! And there is not a lot of room to get a tool down there. The hook is pretty useful, however, you have to get under the obstruction to allow it to work. The wurm was forged, twisted, and sharpened with the intention of drilling a hole in the obstruction to allow the hook to get in there to do its job. Traditionally, of course, a wurm was a tool designed to bit into a lead musket ball to allow it to be extracted in the event of a misfire. This one would not work for that purpose, I would have to make the little points on the ends a lot longer to make it into a true bullet extracting "wurm".
These tools are really small, I included a penny to show how small they are.

The top picture shows the junk I extracted from the bottom of Pierre's brand new Tinker hand and a half sword. What "WERE" they thinking!!!!

(technical specs....1040 steel, snow hardened. Hardly rocket science!)

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Jennifer said...

When I first read it, I thought it said, "wedding hook" . . . make of that what you will!