Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 G helms

This is a fairly standard 10 g helm. They are "entry level" helms, It is made from a ten gauge spun top, riveted to a fourteen gauge body. They are expected to take a lot of impact and should last for years. There is plenty of room for padding, and they are inexpensive as I can make them and still not compromise on the quality.
Lots of breathing holes allow the client to get air, and odd holes in the brow above the eye slots provide a distant early warning of overhead shots. The double holes on the sides are for a chin strap. My camera died just as I took this picture, and so I don't have any from the front.

The second style is a bit of a mash up, and it is below.

This one is a little prettier. The problem with the spun bowls is that though they are cheap, they are "round". Heads, in general, are not round but oval. Narrow wedges have been cut front and back so that when we push the sides in, it will narrow it a little. Not a lot, but enough to allow the helm to look really good. Should still provide lots of padding. This was actually MY helm, one that I had worn in countless photo shoots. I modified from a top lid with a lobster tail to a SCA legal helm. There was enough padding in there for me, so it should be okay for the client. When you look closely, you can see some of the holes from its previous incarnation as a lobster tail hat. They don't affect the useability, and they will give the new owner something to talk about!
(There is one oval hole in the side, you can see it in the picture if you click to embiggen it. Your guess is as good as mine...grin!)

The holes in the brow just provide a little more warning for overhead sword shots. Again the two smaller holes on the sides are there to mount a chin strap. On inexpensive helms like this, there will be a lot of sanding marks. But all the edges have been properly finished to prevent damage to rattan swords, and the high rounded rivets don't catch the rattan, but they give the helms a steam punky boiler plate look.

The back curtain is recycled from a fourteen gauge galvanized steel renaissance festival sign. Seems I ran out of fourteen gauge at JUST the wrong time, and I really wanted to get these finished. Way back when the Renaissance Festival closed, I bought all the signs, just in case I needed them some day. And the day came.
(nothing wrong with them, and it somehow seems proper that a piece of the Ren Faire goes on to fight again!)

This helm did not need the big horizontal "barrel" band, and so I just mounted it directly to the skull. The skull around the edge has spun so thick that it is just under a quarter inch, so you don't really need the horizontal band. By skipping the band, I saved about a half hour of time, and saved the customer some money.


10 G helms....
11 gauge spun tops, with tool marks sanded off clean. fourteen gauge curtain and face plate. Rivets are 3/16 rivets, spaced 2 inches apart or less. Comes with simple chin strap. eye slots are between 7/8ths and one inch in size. (you cannot get a one inch dowel into them) These helms meet and exceed all SCA, AEMMA, and JFC regulations.

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