Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eric's Breastplate.

The elbow cops
I am wondering if these are actually too long in the forearm!

The scales to the gauntlets

The knee cops.

The gauntlet thumbs are supported by the top rivet and the pairs near the barrel of the hinge are slotted, so the whole thumb slides back and forth. Its hard to get any articulation in that joint...but I got some! And if the lance sticks on the thumb, it will not tear the thumb away...because when the armour joint moves to its maximum, it won't move any more.

A look at the left hand gauntlet.
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Kit and Kaboodle said...

And you reckon you're not an artist in your own right?! Lovely to see the process evolving in this manner oh bearded one. Are you eventually going to post a photo of Eric in full regalia?

stag said...

That will be up to him now won't it!

Kit and Kaboodle said...

I see your point, sadly as I don't know Eric it looks like I shall have to resort to my imagination. Cuh, typical - there's never a knight in shining armour around when you need one!

stag said...

Bat your eyelashes just right...wiggle your hips and tuck your shirt in. That seems to work for most knights. oh wait...he was snapped up just last week! Oh well. I'm sure his wedding was brilliant!

stag said...

(He reads this blog you know! I bet he is blushing right now!)