Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GEN0088 Chivalrous Swordhanding is a "GO"

Hi Bill,
Just a quick note to let you know that the above-mentioned course that you are scheduled to teach is a "GO". Currently there are 13 students registered however there may be a few more by the time the course starts. Your course is scheduled on Wednesdays from May 4 - June 15 from 7 - 9:15 and 7 - 9:30 on the last day.

woo hoo! This is the Basic Chivalrous Sword Handling Course.

And a further note...the advanced Chiv Handling Course GEN 0105 has been cancelled due to insufficient sign ups. Ahh well...

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Kit and Kaboodle said...

However did I miss the chance to comment on that glorious image you have posted on your blog oh bearded one? Must be losing my touch or something!

stag said...

I blame my wife's brother for that great photo shop job!

Kit and Kaboodle said...

He's good at blending images! I had to look twice before I realised it was you! I did also mean to congratulate you on your new class intake - sounds like a whole lot of fun, when are you doing one in the UK then?!

stag said...

I am planning another canal boat trip this coming winter. Any marinas near you?

Kit and Kaboodle said...

No marina's as such but if you're interested in narrow boating along the River Wey (which is where I spent much of my childhood and have written about on my blog) you could try;


You can meander up the Wey and onto the Thames via towns such as Henley, Marlow and Windsor through the Oxfordshire countryside which is very pretty in parts.