Monday, May 9, 2011

Quinn's Armour

Feedback is always nice.....
followers of this blog remember when I made Quinn's Armour. It was good armour, but didn't fit exactly right over the shoulders, so he sent it back for modification. 20 minutes in the shop, then back to Q's place.

Quinn says:

It arrived today, safe and sound. Since I had no squire located at my disposal I wasn't able to strap everything up all the way, but I was able to do enough myself to see that the modifications you made are spot on. I don't think I'll be having any trouble in that area any more.
I'm really excited to put it on with the rest of my kit, and will have a full report as soon as it stops raining long enough for me to go out in it!
-Thanks again,

So I am looking forward to seeing him in his cool South Tower Armouring Guild armour. As are most of the ladies who follow this blog...grin!

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