Wednesday, May 11, 2011


16 gauge gorget. Sometimes the blue isn't as intense....this only got to brown. To my eye a good colour, and its not like it even shows after the armour is on. The body of these are only 18 gauge, (they are covered by a 14 gauge breast plate...) but the neck ring is 16 gauge. The top is hashed over 90 degrees to not only provide a comfortable seat for the jaw, (stops the chin bleeders) but also to provide a channel to deflect any stray splinters that make it under the helmet away from the throat. This armour is also useful for those times when the breast and back plate slide up, threatening his Adam's Apple.

This is not "quite" finished. I still have to line it with leather, and attach eyelet holes for the shoulder armour and arm harness laces.

This is the hardest armour to make....four pieces which have to mate up with each other perfectly, and still be fairly comfortable for the wearer. Fussy, fussy, fussy, fussy. Its the one piece I get new hands to make...and see if they have the stick to it ivness to make the rest of the armour.

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