Wednesday, June 1, 2011


A write up in the local paper...
Fitness Fridays! Who knew?

Emily Rack took a couple of classes, and was hooked!

A little taste of her article...
Ottawa’s foremost armour-maker, Middle Ages enthusiast and seasoned sword handler, Bill Fedun, runs the class. After training in martial arts for years, he decided to combine his Kung Fu and Kenjutsu skills with his love for medieval times and open his class to the public. Fedun teaches classes not only on swordplay, but also on armour-making at Algonquin College and the Plant Recreation Centre throughout the year.
“There is no better empowerment than to know how to use a battle sword with finesse and skill,” says Fedun. “Anybody that has an interest in honour, courtesy, loyalty, chastity, faith, courage, and prowess, will also have an interest in armour.”

Not only that, but I would argue that anyone who has an interest in getting in shape through a mixture of weight training (those swords certainly aren’t light) and martial arts would also be interested. Swordfighting is a great way to get moving, work on your agility and exercise muscles you normally wouldn’t use. (Seriously; What day-to-day activities are similar to a swordfight??)

And you can go to see the rest of the article here...

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