Friday, February 3, 2012

Brent S. three piece cuirass

Above is the way Brent's armour looked when it was in my shop.
Below is how it looked on him.

This was the three piece suit with the sliding front rivet that I made for Brent S. I am pleased to see that he is long enough in the body to wear this armour. Those shoulders with the cute outside machine made bead rolls is not mine! I do have to admit that the rondel style elbow aillettes are a nice touch, but again, not mine.

He seems to have the mobility, but that back top plate is flipping up a little too much for my liking. That has always been a problem with a mobile back. But just because it is "period" does not make it comfortable on the eye. The single and two piece backs are just impossible to hunch over like Brent is doing in this picture so yeah, he clearly has the mobility he wanted. That being said, I think if Brent were to tighten that top strap up a notch or two that would drag the back into place. But would it limit his mobility? Or maybe just bend the top tabs in a bit. Would not take much. Hmmm. I'll have to ask him. Wish I there to mess with it. I think if he just cinches that top strap in a bit, it will all fall neatly into place.

Compare to the top picture.

And the portrait. I think he looks good. And the armour looks pretty spiffy. Note that Brent has laced the tassets on. Later on, when he gets a spare forty bucks burning a hole in his wallet, he can get some buckles installed. (Or better yet, install them himself!)

I wonder where he got the gambeson with the left half red and the right half white?
Looks really comfortable.


Brent S. said...

Gambeson is from Armstreet, for 100% linen with natural batting I couldn't beat the price.

Shoulders will be replaced eventually, they were pleasantly cheap and worked with my old cuirass. They otherwise ride weirdly and occasionally lock up on the backplate.

Arm cannons are me being a dirty cheater and going with TiAl6V4 for weight savings.

Top plate usually rides closer to my torso, my wife buckled me in for those photos. Unlike my somewhat burlier sparring partner, she has trouble getting the top plate buckled tight.

Overall the cuirass is a great fit and works well. It has great articulation. In hindsight I should have spent the $40 on buckled tassets. While I like the sleeker look, they are a huge pain to lace.

STAG said...

No problem.

If I make em, can you attach 'em?


Brent S. said...

Shouldn't be a problem. Adding buckles should only require a couple of holes and some copper rivets.

I'll need to grab some shorter rivets (my current stock is 1/2")and a steel rated drillbit, but that's easy enough.