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Fan Expo (guest post)

FanExpo Canada 2011

By Jorge Figueiredo - August 28th, 2011

Other Friends

At FanExpo, there are a lot of retailer booths dealing with comic books and related goods; there are also the larger, glitzy general show booths for the larger companies. While I love all of those booths, there are some smaller ones that I really enjoyed visiting. Some of these are run by very cool friends of mine, while others are run by people who I would love to hang out with (due to the fact that they are also very cool).

South Tower Armouring Guild

Bill and Brenda Fedun will -and this is a quote from their web site- “personally make you a real battle armour that fits perfectly! It will allow you to perform so well that they will write songs about you!”

While that may sound kind of funny, it is probably true. The South Tower Armouring Guild, based out of Metcalfe, Ontario, is a family-owned medieval armour crafting shop. They make quality goods for a reasonable price; not only that, but the finished pieces look fantastic.

It would be a reasonable assumption to think that Bill enjoys his job. Brenda thinks that he might enjoy it a little too much.

On top of the creation of armour (seriously, they have a real forge; how cool is that?), they are also Canadian agents for other weapon-making outfits outside of Canada. Bill also teaches broadsword handling, armour and chain mail making, and Kenjuitsu.

Above all else, the two of them are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. With ready smiles, warm hearts and friendly banter always at the ready, it is always a good time around their booth.

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