Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mr. Merino's Armour.

This is the collection of backplate, breastplate, faulds, elbows and vamraces which I am getting ready for delivery this week. Customer may yet choose some more straps instead of all those laces. What is missing is the shoulder armour "spaulders", the knee cops and other leg armour.

A close up of the vambraces. They fit over the forearms, and are pretty straightforward....heavy enough to take the shot, light enough to be able to swing a sword. A dichotomy which makes for a considerable amount of dispute on what makes for a "good" vambrace.

These are the tassets which hang off the faulds below. Rounded at the bottom and flared out a bit. Nice gentle compound curves should keep them from caving in under the first blow. I have seen them curled up like old shingles on a south facing roof. All you can really do is make them so that they are fairly easily repaired, because even dented or curly, they protect the gap between the top of the leg armour and the fauld which seems inevitable.

These are teh faulds. The way they come from the shop. Each piece has a good overlap, and is finished with a "ten foot" radius ball on the wheel. One of the most gentle curves.

The elbow cops. Simple, one piece elbow cops. Note how the edges have been flared by stretching the metal with the cross peen (wedge shaped) hammer.

Back plate is fairly standard. I included an extra strap in the middle...not sure if that was a good idea or not. In this backplate, I put the picadills on the underlying plates.

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