Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Stibbert Museum

The armour above is surprisingly not terrifically complex, but thw simple and basic lines provided a canvas for the finest repouse work I have ever seen!

The Stibbert Musum in Florence, Italy, would be considered a world class museum in any city of the world except for the city which is top heavy with museums....Florence. The armour in Stibbert's Tuscany home is the most amazing I have ever seen, rich in its diversity, and stunning in how complete it is. These pictures need to be clicked on to see them in their full glory, but it is obvious from these pictures where I got the inspiration to design my own own armour.

What a great collection! These are three major different styles...it will take me years to be able to develop most of the armour pieces from this small grouping alone!

Later period, with those really cool tassets that turn into knee cops. 15 lames! Oh my!

The old standby Milanese armour used by the Knights in Malta. Like meeting an old friend.

They gave me only 5 minutes in this room, and I was not allowed to take pictures! What torture!!! These pictures are from the Stibbert Musum's web site.

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