Saturday, February 23, 2008


these images look better enlarged.
This shows the articulation of the armour even with my hand raised, like I was about to strike somebody.

And across the body. Normally the problem is that the front wing will slide up into the neck in cross body shots....this seems to have minimalized that effect a lot. There is still a little of the "neck gouging" going on, but hopefully, my gorget will stop most of it. It is a lot less than a real period spaulder though, which were notorious for banging into the neck.

Here the articulation is not too bad...fairly standard. The bottom piece (called a lame), the one with the chunk taken out, technically should be the top part of a two-part rotating cannon arrangement. I didn't bother with that....

Here you see all of it. I think the wings should have been bent in a bit more, but then, they were made to fit a big guy like me. And actually, considering that they are supposed to fit over the body armour, this might not be too bad. Easy for the client to bend them in a bit if he wants though. So possibly a little more curvature in the wings..... hmmmmm???? Always thinking of ways to improve.

And as you can see, it provides zero underarm protection against thrusts. But then, they all have that flaw.

So here is the armour, as worn by me, and delivered to Mr. Merino last Friday. Hope he sends me a picture of him wearing all his armour.

This armour took about 30 hours to design, build, re-fine, and get almost right. It took 7.5 hours per side to build. So, a full long day, about the same as a breast plate or a back plate. It should be selling for around 400 Canadian dollars, (which come to think of it, is pretty much the same in US dollars right now!) but that figure might go down a bit as I get to making them faster. Though I might be hard to shave off an hour from this job! I was working pretty fast, and not much went wrong. Maybe after I make a dozen more of them, I'll learn a few shortcuts.

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