Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Prague Armour

I love the leg armour on this model....it is crisp, clean, and very straightforward. The wings on the knee cops have a sort of "lotus leaf" look to them.

What a great cod piece!

Absolutely gorgeous finger gauntlets.

Do you think this guy was royalty? It "does" seem like a lot of face is showing here though.

And here is the whole armour. Click on the image to enlarge. Can you spot the problem with wearing this armour, and for that matter, the one in the background? A prize to the first person who comments to identify the w.t.f.

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Destroyah Des said...

The elbows?

STAG said...

Destroyah, you got it right. The elbow cops are on backwards.

Any guesses as to what else is wrong on this set up?

Destroyah Des said...

Yeay!! Points for me. Hum, as for anything else it's tricky. No gorget? But do all suits need them? The gauntlets look rather low on the arms but I thought that was just hard for them to mount. Not sure about what else.

STAG said...

The whole shoulder assembly....including the rerebrace, elbows, vambraces, and spaulders are on backwards. This type of armour has a sort of "dent" in the shoulder wing right where the front of the armpit is...which allows the wearer to move his arm forwards. This "dent" does not exist on the back because it covers the shoulder blade, which is a big flat area. The spaulder wing in front is smaller, and should sweep forward and upwards to match the curve of the placqart, instead its design is awkward, covers way too much area, and looks like it would be impossible to move the arm forward to fight. Which of course, it would be.

I wonder if the poorly paid Czech museum employee caught heck for this!

STAG said...

And true, there is no gorget...but this armour needs a gorget since it is not integral to the breastplate. They probably could not fit it with all the shoulder stuff on backwards.
I would not be a bit surprised to find out that the gorget is attached to the spaulders, and is dripping down the back though! But, I can't tell from this picture....grin!

justagirl said...

Is it just me, or do the feet look abnormally large?

STAG said...

Well, they ARE designed to fit over riding boots.

JCHudon said...

And as background music, you may hear Lady Gaga singing '' Baby, I was born this way...''

STAG said...

Colt Reeves seems to think these are some sort of contemporary non historical items. Considering I have not actually "seen" these items, I can only go by what is in the picture. He may well be right. Just as easily, he may well be full of shit, since of course, he really doesn't know, now does he.

Perhaps if Mr. Reeves goes to Prague himself, he can comment. Otherwise I respectfully suggest he keep his opinions to a more respectful level.

I tend to think these are reproductions of some kind, and have said so. That doesn't make them bad or incapable of being commented on.

How do you KNOW they were not made to cover riding boots? You were there were you when they made it? Its just a guess Dooood!