Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Prague Armour

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above is a lovely splinted armour, with wide placqart flare. Difficult to imagine exactly what the rest of the outfit would look like...I suspect it would be pantaloons, with minimal leg armour. There does not seem to be provision for faulds and tassets.

This is interesting....the Belgian style legs which are extensions of the faulds. They certainly look very nice....and the lames appear to be joined without any leather at all. This might imply some very tricky fitting. The globose breastplate must have taken an inordinate time to pound out, and that gorget looks like it is integral to the armour. Neat idea.

Above is another of the same idea, however the breastplate is much more reasonable...a Peascod breastplate, made by slitting a triangular section out of the bottom third, and welding it all back up. The fastest way to make a breastplate.

Above is just such a peascod breasplate. Note the glaring absence of holes, mounting plates, or anything which will help this armour stay on. This armour was never used. The slight wobble in the centre line may have made this armour unsaleable, and so it ended up on display.

These are part of the set that Pierre took when he visited Prague castle.

Thanks you Pierre.

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