Saturday, June 21, 2008

RenFaire Armour

Nice looking stainless steel armour. A Knight from the "Knights of Valour", at the Renaissance Festival at Upper Canada Village, in Ontario, Canada. The horses seemed to enjoy themselves. The armour looks pretty solid, though when you look at it really closely, you can see that it is pretty scarred up...after all these guys really DO joust at each other!

I don't know much about this armour....but it is pretty and it works well. What more could you ask? The wearer told me the name of the maker, but it went in one of my ears and clearly flew out the other!

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justagirl said...

I swear I think that is the same horse that jousts in ours!

STAG said...

Yes, actually, the Knights of Valour actually joust at the Ohio Renaissance Festival