Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And the back plate of Mr. Merz armour

closeup of the buckle. They are solid brass centre bar buckles. Very workmanlike. Nuthin fancy.

Here is the view from the back, with the person wearing it standing straight up. That two piece design makes for a long placquart! Oh well...if for some reason is doesn't fit, I can go to a standard three piece easily enough. They always fit.

The above view is from the back, with the person bending over. This shows maximum reveal. Not too bad. Again, if for some reason, the owner slouches a lot, I can always add in a middle piece, and cut that long placquart down. You can see the space for the shoulders really well in the above pic.

A three quarter view of it...the side straps are one inch, the over the shoulder straps are inch and a quarter.

And the view directly from the side. The back plate slides under the breastplate, so the buckles are spaced well back, to allow for movement. I built a considerable amount of "growing room" into this armour since the wearer is likely to get at least one more growth spurt before the next couple of years goes by.

There we go...a nice armour. Now all we need is the gorget, shoulders and arm harness.

What do you think Charlie?

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Charles said...

That my two piece bill?LoL...If so,it's awesome bud!