Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mr. Bourland's armour...reprised

Mr. Bourland had vanished for half a year or more (It turned out he had been deployed) and his armour was stored fairly neatly up in the showroom. Except for one had been stored under the air conditioner. It got rusty. Darned if I was going to ship a rusty armour. So I tossed the ratty old faulds and tassets and made new ones. This is what I came up with.
They are sitting on the pic-nic table, letting the lacquer dry. Then I had to duck out, and by the time I got back to them, it was next morning. The armour is all covered in frost! Oh no, (I thought) I just made his second set of faulds rusty too. But no, it was all good. The sun came out, the frost flashed off, and the armour is all assembled now, and ready to ship.

Above is a closeup of the new tassets I will be making. I stole the design from an armour I had made a few months ago, and put my personal spin on it.

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