Sunday, October 12, 2008

This week in armour

A bit of a rush job, but not so bad all in all. This is an articulated left arm with hinged vambrace. Kind of a nice bit of kit. I probably made the hinged wrist section too short...but better short than too long.

This is a left shoulder. Actually, it is a beta version that I had made, then discarded when I had learned all that could be learned from it. I went back to it because a customer wanted one but didn't want to pay for a really good one. So I went with this and he payed half price.

The six lames in the rerebrace make this armour quite distinctive. Actually, they were not designed to even BE rerebrace lames, but were rather, cut out originally for use as lames in an articulated knee or elbow cop. You can see the similarities in the lames here and in the lames in the elbow cop at the top of the page. I don't think that they look all that bad, but the lesson learned is to use larger and fewer lames...these just make the armour look busy.

These bottom two pictures show how much articulation you get by using lots of lames! I used a king post attachment this seems to be very effective. In this case, for the king post, I used one of my handy dandy lions. They dress up even the plainest of armours!

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Claudio Setti said...

Really awesome piece Bill!


Bill said...

Thank you Claudio. Not bad for a "salvage" piece.